Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sugar Sand Weng

Sugar Sand Weng

Material:5 cups oil3/ 4 pounds of water1 cup flour1/8 teaspoon salt2 tablespoons butter4 large eggs, at room temperature
The amount of caster sugar

 ( 1 ) In a small pot, add water , butter and salt , with a shift away from the fire after the fire to boil , quickly sift the flour at once good down to a wooden spoon to stir in one direction through a side group , and with the soup Deviation 

( 2 ) within a dozen flour , eggs were also liable under a wooden spoon to stir the eggs and dough direction Yunhe , before beating second only to enter, so only by adding and mix well, adding a total of four , and stir until Faceless grain until the dough is smooth .

( 3 ) Set the pan on the fire , when the pan under the first four cups of red oil , then changed to the fire 

( 4 ) add the remaining cup of oil in the deep dish , first dip some oil left , grabbed a handful of egg pasta, a small ball out from the tiger's mouth , about size of a walnut , right hand holding a spoon , dip a dip in oil and then face the ball dug , into the deep dish of oil , because the dough is too soft , as no oil separation , it is easy to stick to a heap , squeeze each one , then put in a cold oil , to finish up squeeze .

( 5 ) times the oil in the wok should have been hot enough , about 190 degrees Celsius , the entire disc surface with a spatula to push the ball into the hot oil , and kept in the oil struck , and soon met the ball float slowly rotation , and then expanded into a hollow egg foam , can be removed when the fry until golden Shu Kei within Lek to oil , then sprinkle caster sugar and serve.

Note :
( 1 ) If the oil temperature is too high, egg foam will not swell, as the oil is too low, then the egg foam will be absorbing too much, the same can not bulge . Starting temperature of 190 degrees Celsius , and after adding cold oil should face the ball dropped to about 170-180 degrees.

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