Friday, August 1, 2014

菠蘿炒飯Fried Rice With Diced Pineapple

菠蘿炒飯Fried Rice With Diced Pineapple

材料及份量: Ingredients and Amount:

菠蘿1個1 pineapple

白飯3碗3 bowls cooked rice

蝦仁80g  80g shelled shrimps

叉燒80g80g roasted pork

洋蔥粒2湯匙2 tbsp diced onion

紅辣椒(切粒)半隻1/2 chilli(diced)

蔥花1湯匙1 tbsp diced spring onion

芫茜碎少許a few crushed parsley


魚露2湯匙2 tbsp fish gravy

做法Cooking Steps:


1.Cut pineapple at 1/4 of its length. Scoop out the flesh. Dice the flesh(1/2 cup). Retain the hollow pineapple and wipe it dry. Put it into a pre-heat oven to bake until hot.


2.Wash the shrimps.Wipe them dry. Saute. Dish up.


3. Heat work with 2 tbsp oil. Saute spring onion and red chilli. Add cooked rice and seasoning.Stir until rice hot. Add pineapple flesh, roasted pork and strimps.Stir-fry for a while. Stuff the pineapple shell. Add spring onion and parsley.Serve hot.



As pineapples gives a soury taste, add fish sauce to your own tasting.

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